Graston Technique is a unique application of six patented stainless steel tools in various shapes and sizes chosen for the body part you are treating. The goal is to find major and minor adhesions and scar tissue which is causing pain or limitation of movement and treat it using these powerful tools. The tools go beyond conventional manual therapies and actually magnify the problem areas so treatment can be very specific. Not only can the practitioner “feel” the adhesions but the patient/athlete will also be able to “feel” where issues are arising. Graston can be utilized upon active overuse injuries or even post surgical scarring.

Olympic Training Centers in the U.S. treat their Elite Athletes with the Graston Tools.

More recently, Michael Phelps the most decorated Olympian of all time revealed his utilization and benefit of Graston Technique for his shoulders. In addition many NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL teams treat their player as does the PGA Tour and even the Boston Ballet.

Thus, physically no matter what your stature, activity or level of development Graston Technique should be the tools you reach for to get you back in action.